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To all the members of the Educational Community: About to end this school year, a totally atypical course, we did not want to leave without telling you this:

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE Congratulations to our boys and girls, who, as champions, have bravely faced these more than three months of teleworking. It is true that for everyone it has been hard, but for them, due to their age and circumstances, much more.

Another huge and wonderful applause for families, who in many cases, without sufficient resources or resources, have gone above and beyond to help their children in this unique process.

We also congratulate the teachers, who have unknowingly transformed the way they teach and attend to their students, have adapted their programming in an improvised way, have made their personal resources available to the center and their students, have learned to use applications, programs ... And that at all times has been pending that no student / a fall off the teaching-learning process.

And to all the other members of the educational community: custodian, administrative, cleaning, dining room staff. That they have been present at all times, doing their work as much as possible and according to the circumstances they have allowed. Without all of you, the development of this process would have been impossible For all these reasons, the management of the E.I. Gloria Fuertes, wishes you all a well-deserved rest and have a happy summer.

See you in the next course!


For all those students who have applied for our center in the admission period and have been admitted, it is time to formalize their enrollment.

- If you are only going to formalize enrollment and do not want a morning classroom, dining room and extracurricular activities, you will have to stop by the school on Thursday, June 25 or Friday, June 26 from 10 am to 12 pm to deliver the "enrollment" document. (You do not need to provide any other document).

- If you want to request a morning classroom, dining room and / or extracurricular activities, you will have to come to the center on Monday, June 29 or Tuesday, June 30, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are going to request a morning classroom and / or a dining room, you will have to bring a working life and a company certificate stating the working day (both updated and from both parents). This same day you can also deliver the registration to not come twice to the center.

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