Dear families, We have already been in quarantine for 50 days, now we can leave the house, always following the rules so that we can meet again soon. In all this time, we have not stopped working to offer our students all the necessary materials and resources so that they can continue learning from home. I would like to thank the fathers and mothers of our center for their work and their efforts so that "our little heroes" live this situation as well as possible. When we have new instructions we will contact you to inform you.

From the E.I. Gloria Fuertes we are working day by day so that the training of our students is not harmed. Each tutor is in continuous contact with families, offering them resources and tools to be able to work from home. While the alarm situation ceases, we stay at home! Much encouragement, we hope to see you soon! A hug!

Second cycle of Early Childhood Education (3 to 6 years), Primary 6-12 years, ESO and Bachillerato Once the alarm state ends, applications can be delivered to the educational centers, in paper format, for an additional 12 business days (not counting parties, Saturdays or Sundays). Regarding the electronic submission of school applications, it is recalled that this possibility remains available during the period of interruption caused by the state of alarm. Once the situation is normalized, as in paper format, teletramited requests may continue to be made until the end of the period established, which will coincide with the date of delivery of the paper documentation in the educational centers.