The time of ENTRY is 9:00 in the morning. The door will be open until 9:05 am. EXIT time is at 14:00. Therefore,BE ON TIME.The child who comes to the center outside these times, wait the class change in the secretary's office.

For entry and exit, parents of children walk with them until the classroom building. YOU CAN'T ENTER for any reason.

The families who need something to tell the teacher about your child, they can do so through the following ways: by telephone, the child can bring a note in his HAND, going to the secretary building, or from the schedule tutorial. So, we avoid carelessness and disorder in the buildings.Therefore, we remind you that the schedule tutoring center on Mondays from 16:00 to 17:00 h (with appointment). Don't forget that most of childrens have same teacher and if you can spend entertain any incident or accident others or even your son / daughter, since she is responsible..

Children should go to the center following the basic rules of cleanliness and hygiene. Look at the heads of their children, if there are lice, advise the center and not bring them until they have been completely eliminated.

To come to class is ADVISED that children bring uniform (the uniform hasn’t belts, suspenders, shoes without laces, ...) so they can go to the bathroom without help and they are independent. All objects that children wear the Center shall have the name on this object (like umbrellas, gloves, ...).The center and the teacher not liable for losses are made. It is completely forbidden to come to school with a diaper.

It isn't permitted that children have toys from home, also will prevent that come with bracelets, rings, necklaces, prevent accidents.

To prevent allergic reactions, it’s completelyFORBIDDEN to bring cakes, cookies, crackers ... to celebrate birthdays in class. It’s ALLOW to bring gifts which will be distributed to children before come back to home.

The outputs of the Centre for complementary activities, it will be made with the consent of the family and teachers recommended clothing to better locate children outside the school.

If a different person than usual picking up the child, it must show the card MUST that the center offers each family to authorize a person of your trust. If you have to pick up your son / daughter before the end of the day (attending doctor, the child is sick ...) you have to fill out the authorization of the secretary building. Please, take care of the card because there is only one for each child.

Absences that are not justified by a medical part or photocopy of the appointment will be injustified.

Family members, shouldn’t enter the childhood during school hours. If there is a problem (like ill, pee or poo) will be communicated by phone, so please keep the phone working and provide the teachers always more than one phone number. Put in the child's backpack a change is completely forbidden, if children do pee or poo up.

Teachers not given any medication. However, we ask you to inform all persons responsible for the center (teachers, principal, ...) any incident, allergies, etc. In extreme cases, you must bring a report from your doctor.

We advise you to review the works and notebooks for their children and the importance for them, promote responsibility, independence, respect and tolerance of other children, teachers and anyone, in the behavior of children too.

It isn’t allowed to look out the fences when children are in the playground. This will prevent cry to see their families.

We said goodbye with a phrase to think:

"The future is not written anywhere, we will build together and you are key to the future of your child".