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Projects of coeducation

The school has to transmit knowledge, values and attitudes to all the people who compose it. In addition, increasing the skills necessary for each person besides gender integrates them in character, it is intended that everyone has the opportunity to promote the values, attitudes and knowledge that facilitate development of his personality, which in turn allows you, as a responsible and participative member of society in which we live integration, without gender differences.


Project Self-Protection

In this project, the center focuses on the safety of our facilities for parents peace of mind and protection for children to grow and learn in an idyllic and safe environment.


Opening Plan

Opening Plan helps families reconciles family life. Our center will be open from 7:30h to 18:00h, from Monday to Thursday.


Library Plan

Reading is a key activity in education as one of the main instruments whose mastery learning opens doors to new knowledge. The various purposes for reading should be taken into account when working in the classroom and, should develop strategies to facilitate the students their achievement.

Our center has a school library to start our students in language skills. We have a variety of books suitable for all ages.


Educational digital transformation program

This project aims to establish guidelines for action related to the processes of educational digital transformation during the 2020/2021 school year.

This set of actions is aimed at improving and modernizing education and of people who, by making use of these digital technologies, improve their capacity to face the challenges of the digital society.